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    Aloe Vera Landmarks and Breakthroughs

    Most everyone who uses a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera knows that the Aloe Vera plant has been around for thousands of years and has a history of its healing powers.

    Aloe Vera Health

    Let me begin, Aloe Vera is a Miracle Plant!

    Thanks to the work of many dedicated researchers; Aloe Vera has made some substantial breakthroughs in the health field. Over the years Aloe Vera has become a household name proving its healing capacity over and over with no end in sight.

    Undoubtedly, when Aloe Vera is properly stabilized, it has without a doubt proven itself to be the most broad spectrum anti-bacterial product ever tested …with positive results and the science to back it up.

    Remember, when someone starts telling you how wonderful their Aloe Vera product is …always ask to see the science.  If you’ve been around the health and wellness industry for any length of time, you’ll notice that some products come and go …and some companies come and go.  One year they are a shining star, the next year they’re gone …you can’t even find them in the phone book.  Yet Aloe Vera has been around for over 5000 years and has the data to back up its science, tests and studies.

    Not only has Aloe Vera been around and stood the test of time, we now find that properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera and its uses are growing more rapidly in all the top of the line products …whether it’s for external use in personal care and skin products or with internal uses for digestive problems.

    Using a reputable properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera product for allergies, abrasions, asthma, acne and acid indigestion …to name a few …have all been reported as being successfully treated with positive results.  Research groups have successfully treated colitis, ulcerative colitis and other digestive conditions with a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera product.

    Another group of doctors have had the same success with clinical treatments for AIDS patients using properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera …with high levels of improvement.

    Properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera has also shown remarkable improvements in normalizing glucose levels in diabetics.

    Properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera has historically been used to treat humans as well as our animal friends with a list of medical conditions from A to Z.  With 100’s of landmarks and breakthroughs in the last 50 years …this miracle healing plant has a remarkable future as a superb healing agent within the complicated health and wellness industry.  Unlike most drugs, properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera is extremely safe to use both externally as well as internally.

    Properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera works because the plant produces at least six antiseptic agents: lupeal, saticylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamic acid, phenol and sulphur.  This in part explains why properly stabilized organic aloe Vera has shown and will continue to show the ability to improve and eliminate many internal and external infections.

    As always drink plenty of clean, fresh filtered water with 2-4 ounces of the “best tasting aloe vera” every day …know your supplier.

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